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Not Your Normal Energy Here’ers

Or perhaps, not normal! Whatever the case, we came to this work serendipitously and unexpectedly.

Gale grew up on a small farm in rural Illinois.  At an early age, he began building things and took to the construction trades like a fish to water. He spent a number of years as a pipefitter, welder, contractor and mountain guide. He was completely content with his life and had no reason to consider any other career paths. Then one night he awoke to seeing color coming out of his hands and had odd sensations going through his body. From that point forward, he has been able to see, hear, sense and know Spirit in a very intimate way. Little did he know, this experience would shape his entire life in very unexpected ways. In short, he didn’t really choose to become an energy here’er, it more or less chose him.

Arden had a different path… her experiences were just as profound but occurred at an earlier age.  She was periodically visited by elemental spirits and then later in her teenage and college years, various helping spirits & angels. But the ‘freak’ factor was too much for her and she ignored, shut down and avoided her intuition for most of her life. In time she discovered through her professional work with color that she could see beautiful soul color visions for clients and her gifts have grown since.

Together, their visions and intuitive gifts are amplified. This allows them to work like the batteries in a flashlight that shines a brighter light for a fuller picture of what your soul purpose is and what may be blocking your way to fully reaching your highest purpose.

They do this through shamanic journeying (an ancient practice) for their clients. Through this practice they receive visions of your soul purpose, your soul & life path colors and the colors of your chakras that need some superfly assistance. Everyone is different with what they need and they employ various methods of energetic & spirit-based healing to get you shining brightly and living the life you are being called to express.


Wait a minute, energy ‘Here-ing’, don’t you mean energy healing?!?

Nope, you read it right, Energy Here-ing. Energy Here-ing is about a person’s energy, Chi, Higher Self, and Spirit Guides that are present in any given moment. They are in a sense, ‘Here’, present, all the time.

So we look at what is Here, we communicate what is Here and do not claim to ‘heal’ anyone. The healing work is your job. We may be able to bring balance to your being for a short period... but the habitual and life changes it takes to truly heal is up to you. We are amazing at getting you pointed in the right direction for those changes. 😉 

What You Get Out of a Session

  • Your Soul Purpose Vision

    Receive a special vision from Gale & Arden on your purpose, your mission and where you currently reside on your soul’s path in this life. Arden shares with you your Soullegory™ (your soul’s allegory…aka metaphorical story) and Gale shares with you past lives & practical steps directly from Spirit that will help you walk your path.

  • Get Unstuck & Gain Clarity

    Get “unstuck” from negative life patterns and gain clarity on the right directions to take so that you can manifest a full life that your heart is calling you to fulfill.

  • Claim Your Soul & Life Path Colors

    Claim your Soul & Life Path Colors which directly point to the agreements you made with yourself before coming into this life.

  • Receive Energetic Alignment

    Receive alignment and healing on certain aspects and chakras that may be holding you back or impeding your progress.

  • A Drawing of Your Colors

    And, you’ll even get a very pretty piece of ‘artwork’ depicting your soul, life path, and chakra colors with tips to continue on your path.

What Clients Say…

“Amazing” “Incredible” “Real”

You both clearly have spiritual gifts that allowed you to see my essence and spiritual nature. Your ability to be specific in your description of my color body and my energy body was my favorite part. It was helpful and exciting to hear things about myself as a spiritual being that resonated with me as true. It was great to receive your specific recommendations for how I could enhance my own life and call in my next level of being and living my purpose. I felt like you were both angelic technicians sent to me by God to bring me key messages and get me tuned up!I would say to someone looking to have a session with you two, do it!! Do it because these two have special spiritual gifts of sight and healing that are amplified by working together. I’ve been to many healers and these two are incredible.

Patrick Combs, Professional Speaker

“Exciting” “Revealing” “Deeply Inspiring”

The session with Gale & Arden was an extremely valid healing experience for me. I enjoyed the exploration into the subtle and powerful energy fields of color and archetype. They channeled in new information about aligning with my greater purpose. I discovered the hidden forces at work in my life and it was truly informative.I would say to anyone dedicated to awakening their consciousness (or furthering their awakening) would benefit greatly. Gale & Arden truly share their unique gifts in a loving and healing way.

Renee Lynn, Santa Fe

“Delightful” “Fun” “Very Insightful”

I haven’t had a good spiritual experience like this in a long time. I’m so glad I did it! It’s a unique experience where you go through a shamanic journey to learn about your life and yourself and learn what your soul colors are. Since I’m a stylist, knowing my colors was obviously a big deal and I will use that throughout my life and work. Very importantly, I felt such an ease almost like I was at home during the session. I felt like I was in candy land. I think it’s probably due to the spiritual aspect of it that feels very good to me.

Josee Brisebois, Personal Stylist

“Intuitive” “Gentle” “Knowing”

Arden & Gale have a gift that taps into the essence of the true nature of a person. Any doubts of where I was headed (what I needed to do to stay on my path and not allow past situations or connections to detour me) was validated. It freed me up to not question my knowing …that I had a gift that was ready to be in the world. I would say to try them because they have an amazing knowing from just looking at a picture to validate and clear out doubts about your true purpose of living life.


Who We Are

Arden Reece is the color and soul guide for the new wave of conscious, heart-centered individuals. Her work around soul colors and her beautiful, intuitive Soullegories have been touted as life-changing experiences. Arden’s gift is to visually see your soul’s unique expression and guide you in connecting to your true purpose and beauty. She’s an internationally-sought after color practitioner, author and educator who helps you to create meaningful transformations in your life and business. Based in Encinitas, she works with Gale online via Zoom with people from all around the world. You can also find her at

Gale Wulff has spent the past 10 years studying and practicing with a number of internationally acclaimed teachers and practitioners. This has given him a very balanced and pragmatic approach to what he sees and brings forward in each session. He combines this wide array of experience and knowledge with a heart centered wisdom and practicality. Gale has a special gift for seeing the experiences of a person’s past which are still playing out in the stories of a person’s present. He is versed in many energetic techniques (chakra work, somatic therapy, tantra and shamanism, among others) and brings practical soul-based wisdom to all of his work.  You can also find Gale exploring his passion for woodwork in fabricating furniture in Encinitas, CA.

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What Happens Once You Schedule

You’ll receive instructions for how to prepare for your session and what you can expect before and after. The most important part is to get clear on what you want to get out of your session …we provide you some questions to get the thought process rolling for you. We conduct the session online via Zoom web conferencing…you’ll receive a recording of your session.

  • 60 min Session, $255
  • Session Package of 3 (60 min ea), $555

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